“Whenever some people gather in one of Allah’s houses (mosques) to recite the book of Allah and study it among themselves – then calmness (tranquillity) descends upon them, the angels surround them, mercy covers them, and Allah mentions them to those who are with him”


The Arabic word ‘halaqah’ means a ring and it is used to refer to a circle of Islamic knowledge. Historically, the transmission of knowledge usually took place in the masjids, a practice that can be traced back to the Prophet (S). This tradition was preserved by the Companions (RA) and their successors and scholars throughout the history of Islam up until the present day.

ISOM’s Youth Halaqah is a weekend program which provides a platform for our Muslim youth to get an iman boost and to forge a sense of community in them. Participants conduct a group discussion about basic teachings of Islam, Akhlaq, Self-Discipline and benefit from each other’s knowledge.





After Isha prayer

For information, please contact:

Mr. Malik Usman Ali

Phone: (305) 215-7514